Lexuma XMAG Magnetic Micro-USB Cable (Advanced Plus Version)

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Magnetic Micro-USB Cable for Android Devices

Model: XMAG-MUC-PLUS (Advanced Plus Version)

Support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0

World's Smallest Adapter Tip

  • Design especially for Android devices
  • Magnet on both adapter tip and XMAG cable: You can simply snap XMAGcable onto the phone easily
  • Dust proof design: World-smallest adapter tip prevents dust in your phone port, and can be fitted into majority phone cases.

Take a Closer Look:

We've all experienced the trouble of plugging our mobile devices while we are driving or in the dark.

XMAG provides the best solution for you. You can simply snap USB cable with your Android device. With LED light indicator, you can locate your cable in the dark easily.

Reversible Plug:Plug either side of cable onto phone port for charging and data.

Fast Charge: Support Qualcomm Quick Charge and Fast Charge.

Multiple Charging Modes: Pure Fast Charge vs Regular Charge with Data Synchronization vs Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Instant charging mode switching technology: XMAG supports pure fast charging, regular charging, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and also data synchronization. You can switch between modes by simply pressing the button on the cable. The fast charge mode adds an additional layer of security when using a computer to charge your device.

Yank Safe: Protect both your mobile device and cables from damage made by unexpected disconnection


Support Android devices


A neodymium magnet provides magnetic power at a temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius along with duable cable. XMAG cable utilizes the highest class of magnet in the industry. This ensures the stability of XMAG cable over other existing cables.

Along with highest class of magnet, XMAG supports auto centering technology which allows perfect positioning of both cable and adapter tip during connection.

Components are made of copper to provide faster charging speed.


Cable Length1m
Packgage Component1 Micro-USB adapter tip, 1 Micro-USB Cable

Package Contents

  • XMAG - Cable Body
  • Micro USB Adapter Tip
  • User Manual

Packaging box - Front

Packaging box - Back
Packaging box - Back

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