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Life-time instant clear vision continuously adjustable focus eyeglasses
Adlens Interface effectively filters the HEV (high-energy visble) blue light in backlit screens can cause harm to the eye, combatting eye strain.

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Adlens Adjustibles allow you to adjust each lens so that you can improve your vision for some of the activities you do everyday. If you have different magnification needs for each eye need to change reading glasses because of lighting conditions or you are tired of buying readers as your magnification needs change Adlens Adjustables glasses are for you.

Alvarez Dual Lens technology features two thin, wave-shaped polycarbonate "plates" that slide across each other by means of a small knob on the frame. The position of the two plates relative to each other determines the power of the overall lens system.

Adlens adjustable eyeglasses are designed for use as a temporary or spare pair of glasses, and the power of the lenses can be customized instantly to correct from nearsightedness to farsightedness with the simple turn of a dial. They also can be adjusted for special visual needs, including reading and computer use, or used to manage fluctuating vision for people with poorly controlled diabetes or after eye surgery.

Diopter: -6D to +3D (-6D of nearsightedness to +3D of farsightedness)
Filters the HEV (high-energy visble) blue light
Applicable for reading, gardening, crafting, arts, DIY, emergency, etc
*NOT applicable for Astigmatism
Frame material: TR90 flexible, lightweight and durable
Simple to use, continuously adjustable from near to far

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