INKO Portable Ultra thin Flexible USB Heating Mat

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INKO Heating Mat is the world's first USB slim heater that uses silver nano ink as a heat generating material. Manufactured with a soft material with a thin thickness of 1mm, it can be rolled up and easily stored. It is an innovative heating product that can be easily carried around in the office or on the go, is safe, secure and warm.

Safe and good for Childen, Sinor and pets

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・ The world's first USB heater with a thickness of 1mm realized with patented technology that warms with ink
・ Curved round and compact. Easy to use on the go with good portability
-Specifications and eco-materials that do not emit electromagnetic waves. Safe and secure items that are friendly to people and the environment

Main Unit weight ( Size Width xVertical xThickness ) : 105g (27x27x0.1cm )

Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea
Material / component: TPU Silver Nano Ink
・ Size: Pad / Diameter 270 × 1mm, Remote control unit / 80 × 25 × 10mm
・ Cable length: Approximately 180cm (including USB and remote control part)
・ Input: 5V / 1.5A
・ Power: 7.5W
・ Temperature adjustment function: 5-level adjustment
・ Components: Heating mat body, exclusive vinyl pouch, instruction manual

・ Care: Wipe with a wet tissue or damp cloth.

[Safety precautions]
1. Prolonged use may cause low temperature burns. Please note that serious injury may result.
2. If you have sensitive skin or have allergies, consult your doctor or dermatologist before use.
3. Do not use for anything other than the usage described in the manual.
4. Do not remove the plug with wet hands.
5. Do not repair or modify the product.
6. Do not install near radiators, stoves, or other heat sources.
7. Do not bend or twist excessively.
8. Remove moisture and dry before use.
9. Do not give a shock.
10. Do not place paper on the pad.
11. Do not connect to a USB port on a laptop or desktop computer. The device may be damaged.
12. Do not use the product directly on the skin for a long time. There is a risk of burns.
13. Do not use with latex or thick blankets. There is a risk of fire.

-This product is not guaranteed to be usable in all environments.
-Deformation or discoloration may occur depending on the customer's usage conditions and environment.
-Do not use or store in hot or humid places.
-Please use under the supervision of parents when using small children.
-Do not subject the product to strong pressure / impact or shake it.
-Do not disassemble or modify the product yourself.
-Do not connect the unit that exceeds the voltage.

* It may look slightly different from the actual color depending on the specifications of the display and monitor.
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* Product specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.

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